Millwoods Driving School is located in Edmonton, Alberta and has been delivering excellent service since 1989. Millwoods Driving School offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of any customer who wishes to learn how to drive. We offer programs for all ages and various experience levels. The insurance industry has validated our service and has extended discounts to our graduates. Following are Our Driving School Services:-

  • Certification Course: An insurance reduction course which includes 10 hours of in-car training and 15 hours of in-class instruction for GDL and 6 hours on road training and 15 hours in class training for non GDL
  • Defensive Driving Course: 3 demerit reduction
  • Preparation for the Class 7 test plus computer practice test.
  • Driving evaluation
  • Training is available 7 days a week

Office Visiting Hours:

10:00 am to 04:00 pm ( Monday to Friday)

09:30 am to 05:30 pm (Saturday)

Call Centre Hours: phone lines are open for seven days a week from 07:00 am to 09:30 pm.




Important announcement for in-class session) : 

                             Resume In-class – 5/June/2021

We are happy to inform you that, Millwoods driving school is going to resume in-class session from next week( Saturday 5 th of June 2021) by following all the measures like wearing a mask is mandatory for every one During the in the class session and social distancing should be maintained by everyone. So, wait is over students can join the in-class session for their course completion. For any further query you can call us on  780-450-6423.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Happy New year, 2021.

Important notice: As we all know, the whole world is struggling with this pandemic of COVID-19. After a few months of lockdown, almost all the businesses are open with some safety precautions. To follow these guidelines, Millwoods driving school, also started training classes for driver students regularly as usual. But issues of COVID-19 are not completely resolved some risks are still there. So, to follow the Alberta transportation guidelines our instructors are using some safety precautions while delivering their lessons on the road as well as in the class. So, it is our humble request to all the students of Millwoods driving school to follow the safety policies of our school-related to COVID-19. Along with that, we are suggesting the students if someone feels unsafe in this pandemic then students can request to the school for extension of their training .So, we will extend your training without charging any kind of fine or  penalty. But no one can blame or sue our instructors for any issue that can be arises due to COVID-19. So, the students are the only one, who are responsible for their safety. Our instructors will not be not answerable to the student for any issue related to pandemic.

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