Important notice

As we all know, the whole world is struggling with this pandemic of COVID-19. After a few months of lockdown, almost all the businesses are open with some safety precautions. To follow these guidelines, Millwoods driving school, also started training classes for driver students regularly as usual. But issues of COVID-19 are not completely resolved some risks are still there. So, to follow the Alberta transportation guidelines our instructors are using some safety precautions while delivering their lessons on the road as well as in the class. So, it is our humble request to all the students of Millwoods driving school to follow the safety policies of our school-related to COVD-19. Along with that, we are suggesting the students if someone feels unsafe in this pandemic then students can request to the school for extension of their training .So, we will extend your training without charging any kind fee or penalty. But no one can blame or sue our instructors for any issue that can be arise due to COVID-19. So, the student is the only one, who is responsible for his or her safety. Our instructors will not be not answerable to the student for any issue related to pandemic.

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We are not conducting in-class sessions from 18 Dec to 14th of Jan 2022 due to Christmas and new year break.
We will resume our in-class sessions from the 21st of Jan 2022.